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Building Analytic Solutions Around Your Business Needs

Oftentimes, we see organizations lacking the analytic capabilities or skills in the business to understand how data and analytics can help them. Business users know what they are trying to accomplish, yet struggle with technical execution, access to analytics and operationalizing insights.

Challenges - Analytics is a fast-paced, always emerging field. Enterprises struggle inherently to be flexible and agile enough to capitalize on all their data. Scattered throughout the company, key data and analytics sources are often not available or even fully known. And even if insights are created, the means to operationalize findings or measure results is difficult at best.

Solutions - Our Analytics Business Consulting team helps identify high-impact opportunities that map to specific leverage points against business processes and goals, accelerating time to value through proven, intellectual property, technologies, and consulting methods. Paired with the Data Science expertise of our highly skilled analytic professionals and Teradata Analytic Solutions, businesses are able to uncover insights that deliver them to the point where transformational outcomes can be achieved.

Architecture Expertise for Optimized Analytical Ecosystems

Analytic architectural issues arise out of the breadth and complexity of available technology options. From open-source alternatives—or the latest appliance or application—to total architectural anarchy with silos of technology working autonomously around the organization, many business users are simply overwhelmed.

Challenges - Enterprise or open-source? It’s an age old question. How does an integrated or standalone technology solution choice affect your business outcome? And how do you measure the total cost of ownership versus business results? The greatest challenge organizations face is ensuring their technology choices and business strategies stay aligned.

Solutions - Best-in-class Architecture Expertise to help companies build an optimized analytical ecosystem independent of technology, leveraging both open source and commercial solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Products for Data Management and Analytics

Today’s IT organizations face a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). As a result, indecision can be a less costly mistake than choosing the wrong technology. Teradata's hybrid cloud offers a mix of resources to address the difficult questions faced by decision makers:

How do they meet the demands for Service Level Agreements?
How do they think about total cost of ownership (TCO) for new technologies and training?
What is the opportunity cost of not executing the right technology solution?

Challenges - Most businesses wish at sometime they had a crystal ball. Should we buy more or less capacity? What does the business critical task require? And what happens if you need to scale? Solutions to these problems are challenging. Without a flexible way forward, it’s easy for organizations to make the wrong decisions.

Solutions - Industry-leading Technology Solutions leveraging software, hardware, and services to ingest, orchestrate, consume, and manage data—all deployed in a hybrid cloud architecture.


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