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Forsythe is a leading enterprise IT company helping Fortune 1000 clients become more agile, secure, digital businesses as they optimize, modernize and innovate their enterprise IT. We use both new and traditional IT solutions to meet their needs.

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Forsythe is a leading enterprise IT company, providing advisory services, security, hosting and technology solutions for Fortune 1000 organizations.

Forsythe helps clients become more agile, secure, digital businesses as they optimize, modernize and innovate their enterprise IT. We do this by using both new and traditional IT effectively to meet their business needs.

Data Center Solutions - Forsythe Approach:

We specialize in developing data center environments that optimize application and service delivery, drive operational efficiencies and develop next generation data center (NGDC) capabilities.

When you work with Forsythe, you will answer three key questions:

Am I running my application in the right place?
Am I realizing return on my assets and investments?
How do I optimize my infrastructure portfolio?

Whether you are in a merger/acquisition or are driving to be a service broker to the business, Forsythe data center solutions can:

Deliver a comprehensive view of assets, services and capabilities to align with your business requirements.

Provide the technical, risk and financial metrics to determine where to run enterprise applications or business services—whether legacy IT, private or public cloud—and the tools and methodology to design and deploy those environments.

Manage every detail of your data center consolidation, move or migration of key assets. Our experts help you manage risk and develop a comprehensive strategy, including integration of production assets and services. Once developed, Forsythe can facilitate and manage the detailed planning and execution of your transitions.

Specific Forsythe Solutions:

Data Center Strategy - Develop efficient, agile data center environments that support quicker adoption of technologies, enhance application availability, operational efficiency and resiliency while reducing data center costs and complexity.

Cloud Services - Support your business by finding the right strategic balance between conventional IT, on-premise private cloud and off-premise infrastructure that can include managed services, hosting and third-party cloud providers—all while mitigating risks.

Hybrid Data Center - Leverage our broad range of services and professional expertise to help you standardize, virtualize, automate and orchestrate your data center for optimal resiliency, flexibility and performance.

Data Center Engineering - Align your data center facilities with your business and IT objectives. Forsythe’s data center engineering provides facility risk analysis and operational financial modeling to help you determine if remaining in the data center business is your most viable long-term option. Forsythe consultants will act as your aligned agent during an RFP process, helping you efficiently select and negotiate with vendors for owned or sourced facilities. If you prefer to own or manage your IT facilities, Forsythe offers planning, design and procurement of critical infrastructure, as well as project management capabilities to support the construction or retrofit of your data center facilities.

Operational Resiliency - Establish the architecture and processes to ensure the continuous availability of your business operations and IT environments. Achieve a balanced approach to operational resiliency and business continuity/disaster recovery that virtually eliminates downtime, whatever the cause.

Operations Management - Align your tools, people and processes to maximize the value of your IT operations. Refine existing or select and implement new service management tools, establish practical configuration and asset management capabilities. Enhance your agility to deliver and support valued services, and ensure your governance structure drives continual improvement.

Performance Management - Leverage proven monitoring technologies and methodologies, enabling proactive service support and improved availability and service level performance. Enhance the value of your monitoring investments by identifying potential redundancies and gaps. Establish a practical monitoring governance structure to ensure value-based scalability and management.

Forsythe Data Centers - Benefit from secure, private data center suites you can control, as well as micro-suites and cabinets that allow you to scale as you grow. More than a data center facility, Forsythe Data Centers provides additional services to help you plan, procure, build, test, migrate, house and manage your IT environments all in one location.